(Served with miso soup)

*For take-out, miso soup is an extra $0.75



UNAGIDON        18.95
broiled freshwater eel
over rice

CHIRASHI        17.25

(*This item contains raw fish)

Variety of sashimi served
in a bowl of sushi rice


KIKUDON        18.95

(*This item contains raw fish)
Hamachi & maguro served
in a bowl of sushi rice

TEKKADON        18.95

(*This item contains raw fish)
Maguro served in a bowl
of sushi rice


MAKI COMBO     17.95

(*This item contains raw fish)
8pcs Osaka Maki, 6pcs Kappa
maki and 6pcs Cal roll

CHEF SASHIMI     20.95

(*This item contains raw fish)
A variety of sashimi
served with a bowl of rice

SUSHI FOR 2                  34.95

(*This item contains raw fish)
34 pieces of sushi for 2 people
including 6 pcs CA roll, 6 pcs
Kappa maki, 6 pcs Tekka maki
and 16 pcs chef's choice
nigiri sushi

COMBO                  13.95
2pcs futo maki, 6pcs oshinko maki,
2pcs inari and 6pcs Veg Cal Roll


(*This item contains raw fish)
7pcs chef's choice Nigiri sushi
and 7pcs sashimi

NIGIRI SUSHI / CA ROLL       15.50

(*This item contains raw fish)
7pcs nigiri sushi and 6pcs
California roll




Chef's Choice.  Add a bowl of rice or miso soup for $0.75 per person

Please note:  These items below contain raw fish



LAGUNA BOAT (30 pieces of sashimi)     $ 47.00

OSAKA BOAT (40 pieces of sashimi)       $ 59.00


TSUNAMI BOAT (55 pieces of sashimi)     $ 75.00



We can make any size Sashimi Platter to satisfy your needs.  Please speak to your server and specify the type of Sashimi you want, how many pieces, or a price and we'll create it for you! Prices subject to type of fish and number of pieces.


--Items containing raw fish may cause illness and complications.

--Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase   your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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